Abbaye Royale Saint-Michel de Bois-Aubry 

Hot air balloon passing the Abbay de Bois Aubrey Gites.



The vision that Marc-Oliver and Christine have for the Abbaye de Bois is driven by love of historic buildings, dedication and perseverance.

The work that they have done over the last 4 years is beyond the capabilities of many, and when the quality of work is observed, the passion for this building shines through.

They have undertaken a phenomenal task of restoring this estate to its original beauty.


La Porterie

Le Grenier Grains



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Two gites are now complete and we are ready for our first big season in 2010.

Our next task is to begin renovation of the of the 'Hotel des convers' which will then provide a beautiful space for marriages, christenings, conferences and such occasions.

Ongoing is the work of the 'Association Abbaye royale Saint-Michel de Bois-Aubry', involving specialists and historians, all interested and working towards the restoration and cataloguing of the development of the estate, rescuing it from decay.

See the site of the Association on Facebook: "Association Abbaye Royale Saint-Michel de Bois-Aubry"


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Marc-Oliver and Christine Gribomont,  Abbaye Royale Saint-Michel de Bois-Aubry, 37120, Luze, France. Tele. 00 33 (0) 2 47 58 37 11     contact